Grateful For Crows!

… but, my, those eagles are wondrous.

I was interrupted just now by a volley of caws — a flurry of crows in our poultry yard.  I ran out, shouting along with the crows, at the enormous eagle descending, talons outstretched.

The eagle flew off, pursued by the crows, and our chickens and two remaining ducks were safe.  We lost a duck to an eagle a week ago, and two ducks to raccoons a few nights ago.  Our electric fencing is reinforced, but our birds remain at risk to eagles.

Thank goodness for the crows!

But, my, that bald eagle is gorgeous!

Peace returns to the farm. The sun sets, casting its rosy glow on the clover …. Such is life — full of mystery, beauty, life, and death … or, in this, a brush with it.  The eagle needs to eat too, as do my chickens and ducks, as do I and my family … Life, death, life for another day …