Reiki for Families

Reiki is a safe, gentle, nourishing form of energy healing that can be used any time, with any situation. Families who use Reiki find that they offer this modality to each other during times of distress, illness, injury, and just for sharing a sweet magic that can calm one’s emotions, and speed healing.

Animals and plants respond to Reiki, and so one can share this healing energy with your animal friends, with house plants, and in the garden. You can nourish and bless your water and food with Reiki. One can also send Reiki to a situation you are upset about, as Reiki crosses space and time. The applications are limited only by your imagination.

Children love to learn Reiki, as it offers them a way to help themselves and others. It’s empowering, and allows kids to experience their healing natures, themselves as healers. We are all healers! Also, Reiki is great for those situations when one doesn’t know what else to do (a big reason to love this modality!). In short, Reiki is a way of offering love and compassion — healing energies for sure!– in a form that nourishes and calms both the giver and the receiver.

Reiki’s ability to settle and nourish brings our minds, bodies, and spirits into a relaxed and receptive state that restores a level of harmony to the whole self. This balancing in turn, opens the way to speedier healing (in acute situations) and to essential shifts (in chronic situations) that help healing on a deep level. Reiki moves to where it’s needed — you do not have to guide it. Sometimes healings can be quite profound!

Reiki is for everyone. In my 14 years of practicing Reiki, and in teaching for 11, I have used and helped others to use it in these ways and more:

  • soothing distressed babies
  • connecting in a loving way with a depressed and anxious teen
  • offer to children, friends, grownups, elders as you help them with injuries, illness, or situations that are upsetting
  • aid in easing and releasing trauma
  • offering gentle connection as a beloved dog passes on
  • aid for sleep during colds and flu, or anxious times for kids (and mom and dad!)
  • offer blessing and adding an extra “healing spice” while cooking or making herbal medicine
  • help harmonize pharmaceuticals and vaccines to one’s body to reduce unwanted side effects.
  • clear energy in a space after an argument, illness, or other difficult event
  • connect with an extra layer of love and nourishment with a partner or spouse
  • adding it to some other “special magic” that one already does: massage, music-making, knitting, artistry, and so much more
  • offer gentle, loving, and present energy to elders
  • offer to injured or ill chickens, birds, distressed wild animals, animal friends …
  • … and more!

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a form of hands-on or hands-over healing energy. All cultures know and practice energy healing. Reiki is a particular expression rooted in a lineage from Japan, and transmitted in a particular short ceremonial way by a Reiki Master or Master-Teacher. The lovely thing about Reiki is that it can do no harm and you really can’t do it wrong.

Reiki opens us to the sacred river that is healing energy, and is, I feel, connected with the Divine. But Reiki itself is not an expression of any religion or spirituality.

Reiki for Families
offers practices and lessons that down-to-earth, simple and fun ways to kids while also including the depth and breadth of the practice for adults or other family members who want and are ready to experience that essential nature of Reiki.

Reiki Level 1 – two or three sessions, 2-3 hours each