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  1. Dear Jane,

    I just returned from a marvelous summer in Wisconsin with my family where I had some magical experiences with deer, a totem of mine indeed. I googled “deer medicine” for further inspiration and boy did I find it! I found you! A kindred spirit. My name is Jane as well, and I work as a nature preschool teacher in Switzerland, ( I am an American) You are way ahead of me in your work and experience and are a wonderful model for me as to where I can go with my passions.
    I would love to be in touch. Please check out my humble blog, I recently started and the website I built for the school where I work.
    Thank you and blessings,

  2. Hi, I love your site! I tried to download the offer for comic, but just like the offer for herb faries, it was not available. So sad!
    Pkease contact me if you re-post these or other items. Thank You,

  3. Hi Marian,

    Oh, I’m not sure when you posted this comment, so my reply may be very, very late!!! My deepest apologies! Here is the up-to-date link to the comic. Thank you for your interest in my comic, and in my website. I am just resuming working with it after a long hiatus, and will be posting frequently.

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