Moon Of Blackberries Ripen

A number of years ago I played with how we might name “Moons” of the year based on what happened locally, here in our corner of the Pacific Northwest. Moon Of Blackberries Ripen was one that sprang immediately to mind and to my senses (and taste buds!). The puzzle then–as now–is that Blackberries are just beginning to ripen, here at the Third Quarter. By next Moon cycle the Blackberries will be full on, but perhaps on the wane in a month from now. So, do I consider the next Moon to be Blackberries Ripen?

But by then the Time Of The Spiders will be at hand!

Okay, so the way I dance with the succession of natural events here is not necessarily by “Moons”!

In any case it is time to celebrate! Many of us in the Pacific NW are dismayed by the Himalayan Blackberry (Rubus armeniacus) and its oh-so-vigorous nature (its a Class C noxious weed), but what magic this tenacious herb wields come the Moon of Blackberries Ripen! Already kids are trailing out to pluck berries off the vine and pop them into their mouths. Soon it will be grownups, folks of all ages, harvesting everywhere.

This is one of the gifts of Blackberry–the way it beckons even the most ecophobic to brave thorns and to delight in the pickings! And with the minutes or hours outside comes the expansive embrace of the natural world — the Pacific Northwest when summer and sun finally arrives — come, come! — beckoning us all into our native knowings, and into our cleverness as we devise ways to pick berries from the highest vines, along the steepest slopes. Blackberry gets us into the dirt and into the green.

Blackberry Magic - photo by Jane Valencia

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