Music From The Greenwood ~ Masque Re-Release

Hello, everyone,

I’m delighted to announce the re-release of my first CD, recorded with fellow Celtic harper Debra Knodel.  We perform and record as the duo Spookytree.  The album is Masque (originally titled “The Harpers’ Masque”), and Deb has created new art for it.  Take a look!

Masque - CD cover art by Debra Knodel © 2012

Featured is The Green Man – an archetype of the wild intelligence of the plant realm, and much more.  The Green Man has spoken to me for decades now, and I’ve written about this relationship in a few places, one of which is in this article:

May Day/Beltane & the Green Man In Our Time

The Green Man also appears (as the Leaf-face) in my children’s fantasy novel Because Of The Red Fox (by the way, I’ve just completed the second full draft of the novel, and it is posted in its entirety on my Foxtales – magical nature fun for kids blog – at least until July 20).

I invite you to browse the music of Masque – the entire CD is available to listen to for free, and the CD itself is a Set Your Own Price offering, starting at $4.  And also give Because Of The Red Fox a read.

Then go outside (or do that first!) and experience the greenweave all around us, the abundant life in forest, field, and even bursting through cracks in the sidewalk, in abandoned lots, in the most carefully groomed lawn.


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