Blue Corn Mother

Happy Solstice!  Here in the Pacific Northwest, today and yesterday have been a lovely, expansive, sun-filled.  The rest of June has been rainy!

I’ve been playing with foods today, and considering how food can be our medicine both nutritionally and (of course) by way of nourishing our spirits as well.  As I peeled back the corn husks of the semi-local corn (our first of the season) I was struck again by the unique green spirit that is corn.  Specifically the viriditas that is what I’ve come to regard as the Corn Mother.  In my hands, the corn partially husked was the Corn Mother herself.

I have felt connected with corn since I first successfully grew it (not always easy to do in the Pacific Northwest!).  I celebrated by posing my small wire-strung harp in their midst:

A Harp In The Corn - photo by Jane Valencia

But it wasn’t until my friend Chantel Thurman commissioned me to create some art work for her tamale business (ah, she creates heavenly, soul-nourishing tamales!) that I truly began to enter the wondrous music that is the Corn Mother — in particular, Blue Corn Mother. Listening to Chantel speak about Blue Corn Mother — and about her relationship with the other animals and plants that she wanted to evoke (and even invoke) in the art and in her business, led me down a path with those creatures as well.

I share the artwork for you in this post, to inspire you to befriend the green spirit — the unique life of every living thing. If a particular plant or insect or animal or …(fill in the blank!) … no matter how large or small, captures your eye, it undoubtedly has something precious to reveal to you.

Children know all this already. For a child who has some connection with the outdoors (city or country) it is just part of life.  At least for a time.

May we all return to that time-place in our hearts when we knew that a certain plant or tree, stone or star or animal, to be the friend we needed most in that moment of meeting.

Blue Corn Mother Tamales - art by Jane Valencia

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