Announcing – Weekly Program for 2012-13

I’m delighted to let you all know about this new project!  More details will be posted as soon as they are ironed out.   In the meantime, feel free to contact me with questions or ideas.  I’ve had a long association with the Heartstone Center Children’s School, as both my kids attended from its beginning years, and for a time our farm hosted Heartstone as well.  When I began designing the Wise Child Learning Program, I kept envisioning the beauty and nourishing and inspiring atmosphere of Heartstone and the work of its creator, director, and one of its teachers, Heather Carrie.  It’s a great pleasure and honor to be able to present this program as part of the Heartstone Center Children’s School!

~ cheers, Jane

Heartstone - art by Jane Valencia (c) 2001

Announcing the Wise Child Learning Program – a small group offering for children ages 7-12 ~ in association with the Heartstone Center Children’s School

Beginning Fall 2012 through the school year

Wednesdays 9:30am-1:30pm

The Wise Child Learning Program combines story, herbalism, music, and nature’s magic, in learning adventures that are imaginative, inspiring to the intellect, nourishing, and fun.  We learn through curiosity, exploration, creative thought, flights of fancy, play, projects, and our open senses.  Practicing simple ‘‘wise village ways’’ for being with one another and in community, we experience a learning journey enlivened by our interests, gifts, and who we are right now.

This year the children’s herbal fantasy novel, Wise Child by Monica Furlong. will inspire our time together. In this tale, a girl called Wise Child is mentored by the herbalist and wisewoman healer, Juniper, in the arts and studies that lead one to become a “doran” — one who senses the pattern at the heart of all things, and who is dedicated to loving and protecting it.

“She has taught me Latin and English, and other languages, mathematics and astronomy, poetry and singing, playing the harp and herbal lore … [so that I may become] someone who loves all the creatures of the world and cannot bear to do them any harm …”
~ Wise Child speaking of her learning in the book Wise Child by Monica Furlong

We too will be delving into medieval and secret languages, math in nature, astronomy, poetry, music-making of all kinds, herbal learning , and, yes – even playing the harp!

More Details Here

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