Colors Of Spring 2

Following up on my previous post: Here are a few photos of spring colors.

Crimson Clover - photo by Jane Valencia
Horse Chestnut Flower - photo by Jane Valencia

Can you find the “elephant heads” in the Horse Chestnut bloom above?


Late May Colors - photo by Jane Valencia
Shades Of Green - photo by Jane Valencia
Shades Of Green - photo by Jane Valencia

How many shades of green can you find in the picture above? How about outside your window?

Feast Your Eyes On The Colors Of Spring!

Hawthorn along the edges of our farm are full white-blossom. Horse chestnut trees are flowering in white-pink spires, individual blossoms resembling elephant heads. Scotch broom, in flares of bright yellow. The brilliant red of Crimson Clover shimmers in our plowed and tilled field, The purple spires of lupine beckon us along a path. And if you look very closely at the three foot high Nettles, you’ll see dangles of tiny pale-green flowers.

Spring is a marvelous time to notice the sweeps of color. With each passing week or two, the colors shift, spreads of whites or yellows or pinks or purples appear and disappear. One of the simplest things you can do with a child (and yourself) is to just notice the sweeps of color. The bright whites of one week (say, of Apple) may have shifted to the the creamier, layered whites of this week (Hawthorn, here). The lavender purples of Self-Heal are long gone, but the pink-purple of Red Clover is just beginning to emerge.

What colors can you find in the landscape — whether of your neighborhood or a park or a wild place?

Kids (and you!) may especially love looking for colors of the rainbow — red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Let’s not overlook pink, or the many whites!

If you can pick the flowers (and if there are plenty of blooms), you and your child could pick one representing each color, and place them in a rainbow or some other design.

You could look for the different colors of green. Here on our Pacific Northwest island we have an abundance of shades of green! If the Inuit (eskimo) have 35 words for different kinds of snow, can you and your child come up with names for all the different kinds of greens you see? Or come up with names for the many kinds of white blossoms, or of any other flower or plant nature that is in abundance around you. Make them silly or poetic or practical! Play!

Lupine (Lupinus) - photo by Jane Valencia

Wise Child Learning Program Open House

Announcing our Open House!

Experience with your child a Wise Child Learning Program adventure and our curriculum for free ~ two opportunities!

Monday, June 4 ~ 10am – Noon

Saturday, June 9 ~ 10am – Noon

Both Open Houses will take place at a family farm near the Vashon town center.

The Wise Child Learning Program is a small group offering for children ages 7-12 in association with the Heartstone Center Children’s School. Beginning Fall 2012 our program runs through the school year, Wednesdays 9:30am-1:30pm.

Find out more about our Weekly Program here.

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