What Is Wise Child Learning?

Wise Child Learning celebrates the magic of herbs, natural mystery, story, song, folktales, children’s literature, and more in learning adventures for your child, yourself, your family, and communities.

We derive our name from the beloved children’s herbal fantasy novel, Wise Child by Monica Furlong. In this tale,a girl called Wise Child is mentored by the herbalist and wisewoman healer, Juniper, in the arts that lead one to become a “doran” — one who senses the pattern at the heart of all things, and who is dedicated to loving and protecting it.

In lessons posted on this blog we’ll experience “Wise Child Learning” – expanding our perceptions of awareness and delving into a “wise child” curriculum of astronomy, music, storytelling, the language of the earth, and — of course — herbalism and healing. And more!

Look for unit studies and curriculum in the coming year, as well as free lessons right here in this blog.