Wise Child Learning 

We offer imaginative, nature-infused learning experiences that nourish a child’s love of learning, sense of home in the world, and skills for thriving.

Photo by Jane

~ imaginative, curiosity-led, nature-based programs for children ages 4-10

~ Herbal mentorship opportunities

~ Harp and kinderharp/lyre lessons for all ages and for families

~ Reiki class for children and families

~ Lesson plans and guidance for leading Wise Child Learning experiences sourced in curiosity, imagination, and nature

We invite you to browse this website and our  blog to get to know us.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Photo by Jane Valencia

“She has taught me Latin and English, and other languages, mathematics and astronomy, poetry and singing, playing the harp and herbal lore … [so that I may become] someone who loves all the creatures of the world and cannot bear to do them any harm …”
~ Wise Child speaking of her learning in the children’s herbal fantasy novel Wise Child by Monica Furlong.



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